By Tom Ehrich

I bet on the weather today.

I bet that, if I worked extra hard to fill ruts with topsoil and to distribute grass seed and then straw, tomorrow's 50% chance of rain would become 100%.

And then God's "almighty hand" would indeed feed and water the "good seed" I had scattered.

Am I testing God? No, just hoping for a timely rain. But if not tomorrow, then maybe Sunday (80% chance). I do what I can. And if it isn't a great result this spring, there's always fall to try again.

I learned something on my Fresh Day on the Road pilgrimage this year. If I miss one turn, I can take a different turn later. If I sail past a promising vista, I can pay more attention next time. Or the time after that.

I don't add meaning to the day by doing everything perfectly. I need to try my best, but not get uptight if my best isn't good enough, or maybe not even available. God is the source of meaning, not the works of my hands.

Finding the balance between trying hard and trusting God is difficult. I believe in hard work and extra effort. I think the world is better when people extend themselves. But it is God who gives the increase. It is God who forgives failure. It is God who helps us keep on trying.