By Tom Ehrich

TOWNSEND, TN -- I wouldn't call this a Thoreau moment. A cabin with wi-fi, good coffee, plenty of light and heat, and two friends nearby for sharing meals hardly qualifies as roughing it.

But I thoroughly enjoy sitting at a table beside a window, with an array of Apple technology, and writing about my Fresh Day On the Road pilgrimage. I am trying to step back from the day-to-day and glimpse themes about God.

I am not prowling bookshelves for quotes to prove my ideas and insights. The point is the ideas and insights. They come as they come, not because I opened a book, even a holy book. I want to engage with God in a fresh, untethered and original way.

I'm not saying my ideas and insights contain all truth. They are glimpses of God that make sense to me.

So, it's Sunday morning. Two more days of reflecting and writing ahead of me before I start a pedal-to-the-metal final 800 miles.

I am grateful for your continued interest. I have had a strong sense that people are taking this journey with me. Many have written comments, many support it financially, many read the daily blogs and ponder. That all means a lot to me.